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If men behave after marriage the way they do before it,
half the divorces won't take place..
On the other hand,
If women behave before marriage the way they do after it,
half the marriages won't take place ;)
Husband texts to wife on cell..
"Hi,what r u doing Darling?"
Wife: I'm dying..!
Husband jumps with joy but types "Sweet Heart, how can I live without U?"
Wife: "U idiot! I'm dying my hair.."
Husband: "Bloody English Language!
Wife: What is so interesting in me?
Husband: I dont know the meaning of interesting!!!
Category : Wife SMS
Having 1 child makes you a parent
but having 2 makes you a refree.
Marriage is a relationship in which 1 person is always right
and the other is always husband.
You can't buy love
but you pay heavily for it.
Wife and husband always compromise,
husband admits that he's wrong and wife too agrees with him.
Our language is called the mother tongue
because the father never gets a chance to Speak.!:p
Wife : I saw in my dream
that u were buying a diamond ring 4 me
Husband : i saw your dad paying da bill
Position of husband is like a split A.C.
No matter how loud he is outside,
but inside the house,
he is designed to remain
silent, cool & controlled by remote.
A successful man is one
who makes more money
than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one
who can find such a man.
Two Wise Advises for Married Peoples
Never laugh at your wife's choices...
(You are on of them...)
Never be Prouf of Your Choices...
(Your Wife is one of them...)