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We fight. .!
We seprate. . !
And then we miss each other. .
Thats love. . .
Category : Love SMS
When i was ask to make a wish in heaven,
i chose three things,
to have money,
to have peace and to make a beautiful girl like you to be my wife
Category : Love SMS
If we cannot love the person whom we see,
How can we love the GOD whom we cannot see.
Category : Love SMS
Waqt or pyar
Dono zindagi me khas hota hain..
Waqt kisi ka nahi hota
or pyar har kisi se nahi
Category : Love SMS
If you really love someone,
Don't tell them,
Show them.
Category : Love SMS
Birds dat live in a lake will fly away when d lake dries up.
But lotus that grows in d same lake will die with d lake,
dats d commitment in LOVE.
Category : Love SMS
What to do when it feels
What to do when it does not heals
Every sweet moment of life it steals
But heart has only love where it deals
Category : Love SMS
I miss the way you hold my hand.
I miss the way you looked into my eyes.
I miss the way you felt for me.

I Miss Us...!!!
Category : Love SMS