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Air And Students Have The Same Mentality
How? Dont You Know How ?
Both Keep Turning Book’s Pages Without Reading :)
Category : Funny SMS
What Is The Biggest Benefit of Having Girlfriend & Boyfriend In the Same College Or School,
Where u Study?
1O0% Attendance.
Category : Funny SMS
Drink and drive should not be a problem now.
After all how many will be able to
afford alcohol and petrol on the same day?
Category : Funny SMS
I thought
I-m d only Friend of Urs.
But behind U.,
I found a large crowd.
I complained to God.
But realised..
He too was in d Queue
Category : Funny SMS
I want to kill the
GOOD LOOKING Person on earth,
but then I thought my friend ....
SUCIDE is a crime
Category : Funny SMS
I found Aaladin's Lamp.
I asked him to increase all girls' brain 10 times more.
He laughed & told-Multiplication does not apply on Zero..!
Category : Funny SMS
Q: how do you define neighbours?
Answer: people who know more about
you than you know yourself.
Category : Funny SMS
Sorry for distrubing you at this time...
if you are free now...
if you in good mood now....
if you have no work...
then please delete this message.
Category : Funny SMS