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N-Nav chetn
A-Akhand jyoti
V-Vighna nashak
A-Anand dayi
T-Trikal darshi
R-Rakshan karti
A-Anand mayi MAA DURGA bless u.
Jai Mata Di.
Category : Best Wishes SMS
When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone,
make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart,
cuz broken hearts has never spare parts.
By sending this message not to offend you,
but with a heart of caring.
One last thing your gorgeous,
and i think i can love you.
Please respond, and have a wonderful day.
Category : Best Wishes SMS
hey baby-girl how are you doing?
i just wanna say good luck
for your exam that you are taking,
i wish you can pass all you exams with a flying colour,
but want i wanna say is you have to keep your focus
on your study and nothing else,
there is nothing difficult
if you know your goal which you have set.
all the best babes and have a nice ending friday
……love you!!!!
Category : Best Wishes SMS
Sab ke hatho mein kuch lakire hai,
Banti jinse sabki takdire hai.
Dua hai aap ke hatho mein lakire kuch khas ho,
Aur dunia ki her khusiya aap ke paas ho..
Har phool apko armaan de,
har subah aapko salam de,
hum dua karte hain,
aapka ek aansu bhi agar nikle,
to khuda aapko us se dugani muskaan de..
Angels east, Angels west,
bless da person who reads this sms.
May guide her 2 rest & when
he wakes 2moro may perform @ his best!
Category : Best Wishes SMS
SMILE ever,
UDAAS never,
KHUSH ever,
GHUM SHUM never,
SHARE ever,
HIDE never,
CARE ever,
LEAVE never,
LOVE ever,
HATE never,
THINK ME ever,
FORGET ME never.
The Best Medicine in The World
Without any Side Effect is a**SMILING FACE**I Pray That This Medicine Stays
Always With U…!!